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Bingo - believe it or not, we had a tough time finding a good pizza in Hell's Kitchen. Most were too saucy, to fancy, etc. We order from Sal's now and always get extra cheese - it's the closest thing to Prince Street Pizza that we've found. If you've had Prince St Pizza, you know what i'm talking about!


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Pizza was VERY good. Crust was just thin enough but also just crispy enough. Definitely didnt scrimp on the toppings. Garlic knots were flaky and delicious as well. I couldnt have asked for better.


Top Reviewer
Pizza and garlic knots were both great! Other co-workers tried our food and liked it a lot. If the delivery time could speed up so food was hot, and not luke-warm, this place would be amazing.


Top Reviewer
We ordered while waiting in line for a concert at Terminal 5. The delivery person was patient about finding us and the pizza was delicious.


Top Reviewer
Uses to order from them all the time.
Good variety on the menu
Open late
Food always delicious and flavorful

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Top Reviewer
Amazing!i usually don't order an hour before closing time on a delivery. So; I looked at the hours but didn't really look well enough - I thought they closed at 3am; when in reality I was looking at the wrong day! They actually closed at 11pm and it was 10:15pm! Well my order arrived at 10:57pm!
Now that's customer service!
And the food was delicious!


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Ordered some late night pasta after a concert. The food came fast and was still super hot. Delicious! The Italian bread that came with the penne was surprisingly warm, fresh and delicious as well. Very happy with Sal's.


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The calamari was so tender and crispy, really just right. The garlic knots are really light and flaky almost there texture of croissant but with a nice garlic flavor. I'm very pleased with my order.


Top Reviewer
Good Ol Sal is always on point with his pies! I always get the large cheese pie with ricotta and eggplant toppings well done....mmmmm mmmmmm it's so good!!


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Super fast delivery and delicious food. Good crust. Ordered the Rose Mary and the Tomato pie. Great!

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